About Me

I started my Rolfing® practice in April of 2003 after sixteen years as an architect. Often people say that is quite a change, however I see Rolfing as working with the dynamic architecture of the body as opposed to the static architecture of a building. Gravity affects buildings and bodies alike and in both cases gravity is the organizing force for the structure.

My initial experience with Rolfing was profound. I had the distinct impression that it was my body changing structurally with the input of my Rolfer. In some way, my body knew how it wanted to be aligned and was moving in that direction. At that moment I knew I wanted to study Rolfing and enable others to have a similar experience. I found out during my training that what I had experienced was the tendency of the human body to organize toward health. I’m excited to share that possibility with my clients.

I like to say that Rolfing makes me more comfortable in my own skin. That means several things to me. First, movement – walking, biking, yoga – is easier and more fluid. Second, the little aches and pains that had built up over the years are gone or greatly diminished. And third, my sense of self is enhanced. It’s difficult to put into words; it’s just more fun to be me!

Consider Rolfing for yourself. You also may come out of the experience with more energy, less strain, and enhanced body awareness.

Please contact me directly for appointments or with any questions:
– rolferneal@gmail.com
– 706-224-8013 voice or text