Neal Anderson: Certified Advanced Rolfer™, Rolf Movement® Practitioner, Rolf Institute® Faculty

Thank you for your interest in Rolfing® Structural Integration!

I work out of two locations in Northern Colorado. Please contact me directly for appointments.


Loveland Main Home Office:
2832 Farisita Drive
Loveland CO 80538



Longmont Office:
Good Life Acupuncture
Suite 180
1551 Professional Lane
Longmont CO 80501




Make an Appointment

Please contact me directly by voice or text at 706-224-8013 or by e-mail at


Appointment Time and Cost

Initial appointments including time for an intake are $160 for 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Subsequent appointments are $140 for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Appointments include time for pre- and post-session assessments. Time on the table is around 60 minutes.

Payment can be by cash, check, or credit card (including MSA/Flex accounts) and is due at time of service. I do not keep credit card information on file. I provide receipts upon request.


Missed Appointments and Cancellation Fee

Appointments cancelled or changed within 24 hours and missed appointments incur a $70 fee due at the following session.

However, I understand life happens and I make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.


What to Expect and What to Wear

Rolfing is done on a bodywork table, but there is more client movement than during a massage. Clients typically shift positions several times in a session to allow better contact to the area being worked. For this reason the typical draping done with sheets during a massage is not done in a Rolfing session. Clients can be covered with a sheet and a blanket for temperature comfort.

The most important thing regarding what to wear during is a session is that the client is at ease in the therapeutic setting. Some clients are comfortable their underwear: briefs and bra for women and briefs or boxer briefs for men. Other options are workout gear like shorts and exercise bra for women, bathing suits, or what would be worn to a yoga class.

What Men can wear: briefs or boxer briefs (typical), athletic apparel, swimsuit.

What Women can wear: full coverage briefs and bra (typical), athletic or yoga apparel, two-piece swimsuit.

Again, it is most important that you the client be at ease in the session and not worried about your state of undress.


Please consider watching the following Rolf Institute® produced video if you are interested in learning more.